About Us

Miami Kaos Art is the culmination of years of providing exceptional graphic art to a distinguished clientele in the entertainment industry. Although I was educated at the School of Visual Arts and Art & Design, my career started as a graffiti artist in Harlem. Miami Vice was a popular show at the time. The neighborhood nicknamed me Miami for my fashion forward wardrobe and the black sports car that I drove. Kaos is an acronym for a crew of writers I belonged to called the Krazy.Artist.Of.Style. Soon every place I went was stamped with the Miami Kaos moniker.

Big Tigger of Rap City fame, saw my work and would let me know what artist would be visiting the show. I in turn would draw a portrait and present it to the artist for their visit. While in Miami at the Source awards, Dj Radio asked for my number and I did a mixtape cover for him. In a couple of years I became the go to artist for mixtape Dj’s. This led to the infamous double sided poster in the Source Magazine featuring Benzino, Eminem, and Elliot Wilson. I began to do commissioned work for Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Rick Ross, Niki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, DGK Skates and many more.

Miami Kaos Art was created to provide quality, hand drawn graphic art for a clientele passionate about the presentation of their product. We welcome corporate accounts or simply a request to create a colored portrait. We offer premium custom strikers, laptop skins, business cards, T-shirt design, posters, album covers and skate decks. We bring your imagination to life!

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